CITY QR BIKE STAND is a revolutionary stand, bike-friendly, low price.
Is a new concept behind quick release attached direct to the stand.
Stand attached to the frame of the traditional but also could hurt the frame, so not much lower, is not required to stand, removed the frame mounting mark dye.
With stand even when you use the actual gap compared to the stand attached to the traditional quick release protection stopper in the gap are difficult to.
Height adjustment is possible, so can be used on the bike, road bikes, mountain bikes and cycling in General.
Sizes: 24 inches x 1.0-27.5 inches x 2.1700 × 19 C-32 C
* Insert the quick axle from hub shaft gear, please.
* It is available only when plugged into the rear hub quick axle rear end against edge 9 mm or screw out.
* Quick lever is 140 Nm to 180 Nm on always fasten your.
If installation cannot be interfered by the shape of the rear end.
Unable to please use because it might get cracked carbon rear end.
* Every thing quick secured before riding to make sure. Used with quick may be loose and leads to damage.
* Please state earns a stand to ride in the vehicle. Can lead to the cause of the damage.


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