The Silverado is one of WTB’s most iconic and revered saddle shapes. Light-weight and slim, the design oozes speed while proving to be incredibly comfortable. Ride a Silverado and you’ll quickly know what everyone’s raving about.


  • Long, tapered nose and flatter platform provide ample real estate for shifting positions.
  • Optimized padding-to-weight ratio make the Silverado a hit across all disciplines, including road.

REVIEWS: Blister Gear Review – Bike Radar – singletracks – CX Magazine

USAGE: Road, Cross Country, Enduro, and Trail

SIZING: Narrow, Medium x Long – 133 x 274mm


The Volt is our most popular mountain saddle. Shaped for speed and comfort, time tested and proven, the Volt makes for an incredibly versatile saddle that has gained endless acclaim among riders.


  • Medium padding thickness and subtle curves make the Volt our most popular mountain saddle.
  • An upward curved tail and gentle drop to the nose provide something to push against while pedaling.

USAGE: Cross-Country Racing / Road / All Mountain / Enduro

SIZING: Narrow, Medium, Wide – 135, 142, 150 x 265mm

– Carbon: 135mm x 265mm only


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