What we do
Designed4u Cycles is a subsidiary of S2H Cycles, based in Muar, Johor.
We specialize in designing and constructing custom-made bicycles tailored to the
individual needs of each customer.
Our bikes are constructed with components such as framesets, wheelsets, handlebars,
and other parts, creating a unique performance bike that meets each customer’s
particular needs.
We are based on the leading bike models in the world, allowing customers to choose
from different sizes of the same model.
Our mold is an exact replication of the world’s leading bicycle model, made with the
top-of-the-line T1100 carbon material and limited to 5 models per month.
We also guarantee the safety of our bicycles, providing professional technical advice
and assistance when needed, as well as repair and maintenance services.

Advantage of Custom Bicycles
better safety standard Because they are built to the specific needs of the rider, they are more likely to be properly fitted and adjusted to the
rider’s body, which increases safety

Better perfomrmance – Custom performance bikes are usually lighter than store-bought bikes, as they are built with higher grade materials and components. This can make a huge difference for the rider when it comes to speed and efficiency.

More Comfortable – Custom performance bikes are built with the rider in mind, meaning they can be tailored to fit the cyclist’s body type and riding style. This can help to reduce fatigue and increase comfort while riding.

Better looking – More aesthetically pleasing, as the rider can choose the color, components, and design to create the exact look they are going for.

Long Lasting – Built with higher quality components that are designed to last longer and perform better than store-bought bikes. This can save money in the long run, as the bike will last longer and require less maintenance.

Reduce maintanence cost – Custom bicycles are often designed to accommodate the individual’s riding style and needs, allowing them to make
more efficient use of their bike and reducing the need for repairs.

One year warranty – We offer a one year warranty for our Framesets, Handlebars,Wheelsets and Groupsets.


How to increase your Custom Bicycle Performance

1. If you want your bike to be faster, lighter, and more comfortable, you can upgrade the frame, fork, wheelset, groupset, and controls to suit your needs.

2. A good frame and fork stiffness and frame geometry design, a fast-rolling and smooth-turning wheelset, and a properly fitting control set will all contribute to the bike’s overall speed and efficiency.

3. If you want to take it a step further, you can upgrade the groupset to a higher-end model for even more performance. Upgrading the wheels and frame will also provide immediate benefits in terms of speed and efficiency.

4. The components of a bike can add efficiency to the bite force between the teeth and the chain, resulting in faster shifting speeds and reduced overall weight.

Normal brand Middle brand Top brand Custom
concept Let buyer feel cheap only No features just for profit Emphasis on product performance only. Higher price According to the parts that you need .BASED ON top material.
cost It is what most people say us that the cheapest will be the most expensive later. All buyer must upgrade after buy Price and performance balance.Thats why eople say if choose this range item must choose the top models Brand charges high but technology is advanced and latest Cost 30 % of top brands
Frame/Fork in complete bike 10% of costing. All only cut cost 15%-20& of costing. All only profit 30-35% all performance and profit 30-35% all only performance
Wheelset 10% of costing. All only cut cost 15% of costing. All only profit 15-20% all only profit 25%-30% for performance and best matching the frame set concept
Saddle 1-2% of costing. All only cut cost 2-3% of costing, all only profit 3% costing , all only profit (few brand can set it to match their bike concept) 5% best comfortable and 100% matches the bike concept
Control Parts 5% of costing.All only cut cost 4%of costing. All only profit 5-10% cause need to match the bike style/concept 10-15% cause need matching the bike style or concept
Group set Above 60 % cause dont need spend to much time explain the products. No technology 40% of costing, let buyer feel performance. Branding and value balancing. 30-35%.The reason for matching is for overall performance and weight 30% the reason for matching is for overall performance and weight
Example RM10,000 People always say buy groupset FPC frame and fork, after need upgrade all except groupset, total cost will be higher and its better to directly buy the a performance bike. Except groupset other still need upgrade.From bike to performance bike still need more $$$ 60% is enough but price is too high Value for money, performance and save time

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