Magene PES P505 Base Power Meter (No Chainring)


Performance-level Fuel your Desire for Speed

Exquisite design and technology make PES P505 Base power meter have professional performance of stiffness and shifting. Smooth shifting and simple operation bring a comfortable cycling experience for performance level. Excellent performance and better compatibility make riders feel the unique passion of pedaling.

Safe and Efficient Design

PES P505 Base power meter adopts symmetrical design and CNC integration technology, ensure the stiffness and strength significantly improved, having a long service life. The crank features triple hollow design to effectively reduce the overall weight and obtain excellent riding performance.
Versatile Compatibility

PES P505 Base power meter adopts the widely popular 110BCD four-bolt specification in the market, which reduces weight and has more comprehensive compatibility. The set includes both a power meter and crank to eliminate trouble in choosing a compatible crank. In the meantime, we provide exclusive chainring. You can build your complete power meter crankset in terms of your personal needs with QED lightweight split chainring.

24mm Steel Spindle, Compatible with SHIMANO Bottom Bracket

PES P505 Base power meter features 24mm steel spindle, which is also popular spindle on the market. It can provide optimum balance for crankset.
SHIMANO users can install it directly without replacing the bottom bracket.

Powerful Data Performance

PES P505 Base power meter employs high-precision strain gauges and acceleration sensors. Combined with built-in intelligent temperature compensation algorithms, it can provide you with precise and reliable power data at anytime and anywhere. Extensively tested in harsh environment with highly demanded standard, and each strain gauge undergoing stress release, PES P505 Base power meter guarantees a ±1.5% power accuracy.
Comprehensive Evaluation of Cycling Ability

PES P505 Base power meter has 4 essential cycling data. Evaluate riders’ cycling ability from multiple aspects including power, cadence, left and right balance, and pedaling smoothness. It enables riders to grasp the data performance during riding, adjust the riding rhythm at any time and carry out targeted training.

ecord Data in Multiple Terminals

PES P505 Base power meter supports ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing riders to connect to a wide range of devices, such as bike computers, fitness watches, and supports the most fitness Apps. So that you can record data in multiple terminals for one workout.

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