Body and Surface Infrared Thermometer -The infrared thermometer has dual mode, not contact measure within 5 to 15 cm (2 to 5.9in) distance, accurate for Babies,Children,Adults,Milk,Bath water,BBQ,Grilling Wine,Food Storage Temperature .etc;
Auto Shut of Function -The body thermometer will shut off automatically when idle for 9 seconds ; Low Electricity Consumption;
Instant Reading and Accurate -Just take 0.5 seconds to measuring and the accuracy is ±0.2C(0.4F);
Large memories -The body thermometer is able to store the latest 32 measured data;
100% Satisfaction Guarantee -we are proud of offer you 12 months warranty, If you counted on any concerns or aren’t completely happy with our body thermometer, please do not hesitate to contact us,we will do our best for you.

Non-contact forehead digital thermometer is a kind of professional non-contact forehead thermometer, which is one of the most popular body thermometers in the market. The body thermometer utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 technology, equips with LCD screen that you can read the results easily. The thermometer with multi- function for measuring temperature at different part of body or other object’s surface temperature.

Non-contact forehead digital thermometer

1.Non contact: convenient and health for a baby ;
2.Large memories: The digital thermometer is able to store the latest 32 measured data;
3.High temperature alert:That can set alert temperature and buzzer can be closed or opened by manual, easy to use;
4.Switchable between Celsius and Fahrenheit;
5.Large-size LCD screen,display clear and read the result easier.

Technical Specifications
Temperature range of the body mode: 32.0-42.5℃
Temperature range of the surface mode: 0~100℃
Accuracy of body mode: ±0.2℃(0.36℉
Accuracy of surface mode: ±1.0℃(1.8℉
Range of measuring distance: 5~15cm (2~5.9 inch) (Recommend 5 cm)
Time to automatically shut down: 13s
Power: DV 3V(2 x AAA batteries)
Dimension: 6x6x2.9 in

The default mode is the BODY mode, powered it on can be used directly;
2.For the first use or just put in a new battery, you are supposed to wait for 10 minutes to warm up the device;
3.To get the best results, the measure of the distance in the range of 5 cm;
4.Sweat on his forehead, hair, hat or scarf will affect the accuracy of the measurement;
5.Keep the device away from water and heat, including direct sunlight;
6.Don’t expose this thermometer to the electric shocks;
7.Don’t put this product up to 50 ℃ or below 0 ℃environment.

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