QPlus QP010 – Squeak Terminator (300gm) – Car & Motorbike Care – Lubricants


Application : 

1.  Penetrates and loosens rust, scale and corrosion.
2.  Lubricates and protects metal assemblies, linkages, hinges, locks and barrel locks, bushes, etc.
3.  Stops metal to metal squeaks.
4.  Reduces wear and tear.
5.  Prevents rust and corrosion.
6.  Facilitates the starting of wet motors.
7.  Displaces and seals out moisture.
8.  Protects ignition system from moisture.

Directions :

 – To Penetrate and Loosen Rust :
Apply to affected joints, nuts, bolts and tap areas lightly. If necessary, repeat treatment.
 – To Protect Agains Rust, Corrosion :
Spray liberally over all metal parts and surfaces. A durable protective coat will result.
 – To Protect Ignition System From Moisture :
Spray on wires, plugs, generators, distributors, coils etc. If encounter difficulties to start up engine,     remove distributor cap and spray lightly into distributor.
 – To Reduce Wear and Tear :
Spray on affected surfaces and allow to dry

Cautions : 

 –  Contents under pressure. Do not puncture or incinerate even when empty.
 –  Keep in dry and cool place.
 –  Keep away from open flames.
 –  Use only in a well ventilated area.

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