Why do I need a cycling mask?
Anyone who regularly cycles, jogs, or walks in an urban environment can benefit from an anti-pollution mask.


No matter how good your pollution mask, it can’t keep everything out. Cigarette smoke, for example, is very difficult to filter completely as some of the particles are extremely small. A regular cycling mask also won’t reliably protect you against viruses and diseases; if that’s what you need, look for a device with a European PPE or US MDC classification.


  • High Quality Material,dust-proof and anti-fog
  • Elastic ear-loops with no pressure to the ears. with filters,Breathable, allowing smooth breathing.
  • According to you own demands,can adjust the velcro strap, so that more comfortable to wear comfortable
  • Filters can be replaced, effectively prevent polluted air from entering,protects you from dust and cold wind.



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