SUMC Chain Connectors

SUMC has enhanced the technology behind bicycle chains for many years through research, development, continuous innovation and valuable feedback from the world’s top professional racers. This pursuit of perfection has led to repeatedly being honoured with the industry’s top design awards. With high-end quality and reliability guaranteed, it’s no wonder that SUMC chains are found on many bicycles across the globe.

Compatibility and Durability

SUMC’s derailleur chains are compatible with any system. In fact SUMC does not distinguish between mountain bike and road chains. Product designations clearly indicate their usage, for example the SX10-series fits any 10-speed system. The Quick release chainlink is compatible for use with KMC, Shimano, (including 10x MTB), and SRAM, with a specific Campagnolo option.


  • Pin Length: 5.88mm (Campag 50mm)
  • Compatible with 12-speed KMC, SRAM and Campagnolo chains. Model Code : SL561C Connector
  • Compatible with 11-speed Shimano, KMC, Campagnolo and SRAM chains. Model Code : SL555C Connector
  • Compatible with 10-Speed Shimano, KMC, Campagnolo and SRAM chains. Model Code : SL559C Connector
  • Compatible with 9-Speed Shimano, KMC, Campagnolo and SRAM chains. Model Code : SL566C Connector
  • Note: Link tool may be required to open/close


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