CO₂ compatible | Seals punctures up to 7mm | Works up to 8 bar and with all tire brands | Does not ball up | Planet friendly

Lower rolling resistance, more comfort, no flats. No matter if you ride on- or off-road, the key to the optimal experience is the right sealant. You want to seal punctures quickly and prevent pressure loss. This is why we developed Barkeeper, providing the optimal tubeless experience for all cyclists.

Super lightweight tubeless sealant with Hi-Tec fibers.

Dynamic Barkeeper is a Hi-Tec fiber, synthetic latex, tubeless sealant. The unique formula clings to the inside of the tyre and rim and therefore seals holes quicker than any other sealant. Barkeeper lasts longer than other sealants, it does not ball up or dry out. It can be topped up without removing the old sealant.
It is engineered for use on- and off-road, with pressures between 1 and 8 bar. Barkeeper works between -20°C to +50°C and is compatible with CO₂ cartridges. The use of Hi-tec fibers in the sealant, ensures larger punctures are sealed fast and permanently. The formula is ammonia free, hypoallergenic, skin safe and non-corrosive.



– Shake the bottle
– Deflate tyres and add Barkeeper
– Inflate and go for a ride!

Inject the following amount of sealant in the tyre:

Roadbike 30 – 45 ml
MTB 26” 60 – 75 ml
Cross/ Gravel 60 – 75 ml
MTB 29” 100 – 140 ml
Downhill MTB 120 – 140 ml