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Shimano SPD
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mountain biking

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The Shimano SPD cleats SM SH51 SH56 allow you to get out in one direction only by turning your heel outwards. They have been cold-forged and heat-treated to be more resilient and to function flawlessly even under the most demanding conditions. Of course, Shimano has perfectly adapted the SM-SH51 to work with SPD shoes. The cleats are available in pairs or in combination with a pair of backing plates.

Suitable for MTB Clipless Shoes and SPD pedals for example XTR, XT, M520, M540, M505 Pedals.

These are the cleats that come with your Shimano SPD Pedals. The SH-51 Cleats are black and have four degrees of float for your feet. Compared to the SH-56 Multi-Release Cleats, these are much more secure and are generally preferred for the experienced rider. To get out of your pedal, you’ll have to swing your heel out a bit more than the SH-56 Cleats. Please Note: These will not work with older PD-M858 pedals (for those you’ll need SH-52 Cleats). On that same note, if you have an aftermarket SPD-style pedal that isn’t a Shimano branded pedal, these cleats are most likely not compatible with your pedals even though they might look remarkably similar to a Shimano pedal.

Four degrees of float

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